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You need to know what to expect from us before we get started!

What can we do for you?

A. "On Call" Services:

  • Hospitality Questions & Answers session,

(visiting your office or email or telephone...) 

B. Project Services:

  • Evaluate the feasibility of your hospitality idea,
  • Concept development for your Hotel or Restaurant,
  • Identify best location for your project,
  • Help your architect during design process,
  • Receive the building from contractors,
  • Select ALL equipment, supplies, needed - FF&E, OE&S,
  • Negotiate brand franchise or management,
  • All pre-opening & opening services,
  • Annual Budget,
  • Marketing Plan,
  • Sales & Public Relations,
  • Web site design, SEO, Booking engine, Channel manager, GDS connectivity
  • Recruiting, Selecting, Hiring all staff,
  • Operations Manuals,
  • Job Descriptions,
  • Task development for all positions in your property,
  • Training manuals,
  • Coaching hotel executives,
  • Training Hotel staff and supervisors,
  • Quality Assurance System set-up,
  • Mystery Shopper services,
  • Quality Operations Audit:
  • Front of the house,
  • Back of the house,
  • Front and Back of the house,
  • "Hands-on" entire Operations Troubleshooting!
  • Food & Beverage Recipe development,
  • F&B cost software implementation,
  • Yield Factors table,
  • F&B cost realignment,

  • Full management services for your hotel or restaurant,

I'd rather be honest than impressive!

As any other Project, ALL of of our Services will include Deliverables in the Nine Areas of Professional Project Management:


what is current situation and what exactly we intend to do?  purpose of the Project?


A complete Project calendar!


Estimation of all costs involved.


Relevant standards defining Terms of Quality.

Human Resources: 

Who will participate in the Project?


Daily or Weekly or Monthly, depends on type of Project.


What risks are out there for our project?.


Contracting Terms & Conditions!.


Lessons we learnt along the project.


A. On call services: per hour fees.

B. Project services: per day or week fees.

1st. week: (request quotation).     2nd week: 10% discount;   3rd. Week & beyond: 12% discount.

Weekly Fees and expenses, are due and payable, US$, before starting the activity.

Minimum length of Services, one (1) week. Shorter periods, will be quoted at Client request

C. Facilities:

1. Round trip ticket, Miami, FL., USA. - Your City - Miami, FL., USA, and airport taxes and RT taxis.

2. Round trip Internal travelling, by air, or car, to any other city within Your Country.

3. Hotel Single room and taxes, at 3 or 4 star property; plus, food & beverage a la carte, and laundry services.

4. Every day transport  - From Hotel - To Consultancy / Training location - Hotel.

5. Consultancy projects - more than 60 days - insurance coverage will be provided - hospitalization, medicines, AD+D.


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+(504) 9957-8605




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With Honesty, Experience and Tenacity, we Help Independent Hospitality & Restaurant   Entrepreneurs to reach Profitability in their operations in the USA, Central & South America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East!

"you can't improve what you can't measure"

(W.Edwards Deming)

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