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Big Hospitality Solutions for the "Small and Independent" property
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We help properties in The Americas, Caribbean islands and Africa!

WE NEVER SAY "NO"... - no matter how small your project or property, we always take the challenge...!

A. PROJECTS: Concept development, Architectural Design appraisal, Pre-opening services, FF&E, OS, opening, Business and Marketing Plans - for new hotels and restaurants - properties under remodeling.

B. QUALITY: Quality Assurance, Quality Audits, Mystery Client.... "no matter what you do, if you dont MEASURE  it, you can´t improve it...! "

C. HUMAN RESOURCES: Your most important asset! your people are more valuable than your building! Coaching owners and managers, training staff; Conferences, Seminars, Workshops; Manuals, SOP´s, 

D. FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Yes, This is an Art; but, must be a Profitable and Competitive ART... Concept, Recipes, Yield Factors, Menu Engineering, Costs Controls, Theft detection/prevention. 


Our Hospitality industry sector

 The "small and independent" : 

I. Background:

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the world economy today is travel and tourism. It is the engine that drives the many-faceted hospitality business.

Large, international hotel chains have their own systems, support, logistics, supplier network, human resources development and quality control processes, to constantly improve their operation.

They defeat competition and achieve success thru support within their own organization - their size and worldwide scope allows them to do it.

However, within the hospitality industry, there is much more than international chains.

II. Investment:  the micro, small to mid size properties represent the largest number of units built; and all together combined, they are the largest investment in the Caribbean islands, Central and South America countries and African continent.

III. Ownership: many of the S&I individual properties are owned and managed by entrepreneurs, new to the industry, without proper experience to manage their operations; many times, they will discover, at very costly rate, the intricacies and peculiarities of the Service - in the realm of the hospitality industry sometimes called the "Industry without chimneys" or "an industry exporting smiles, good memories and happiness" as hoteliers call it.

IV. Risk: This scenario, risky, full of perceptions, personal interpretations on "how to" run the hospitality outlet......poses a great risk of failure. There is a constant need for professional advice, twenty four hours a day for help, guidance and support.

V. HotelConsult: That was the opportunity - help to reduce the professional gap and risk factor - we found in 1999 when the HotelConsult services were launched in the Latin America and Caribbean regions.

VI. We decided to provide integral consulting services: to aleviate our collegues daily operational problems; to do so, we identified a Team of Consultants - solid international experience in their fields - they lead every project we take; Emilio Vargas, HotelConsult president, participates with input and supervision in almost every project. 

VII. Hence, our mission, vision and values: are perfectly aligned with the well being, success and profitability of the independent hospitality - micro, small and mid size operations; it is the niche we serve!

Emilio A. Vargas - hotelier - restaurateur

Why us...?

Eight Reasons "why"...

We are specialists; serving the "small and independent" sector of the Hospitality industry.

We have the experience; and the skills accquired thru many years in the field.

We understand; as also owners/managers of a small property, we have the same challenges...

We go beyond the Advice; will execute needed actions to start, correct or improve your operation.

We are flexible; like anyother small operation and, we are available - always "on duty" - 24/7.

We dont charge for chatting; we deliver a customized "Solutions Plan" before starts!

We dont - nor you - fly solo nor in the dark; based on the Plan, you approve, change or cancell the Plan!

We never say no; no matter how small your project or property we take the challenge!




For more information plase contact:
USA: 1(786)334 9462
Honduras: (504) 9957 8605